What We Do


FWD:Energy is building a portfolio of facilities that convert scrap tires to renewable energy and other valuable industrial commodity products. 

In a marketplace where over 300 million scrap tires are produced annually in North America, implementing an environmentally responsible and economical plan is a necessity for communities across the continent. 

In that spirit, FWD:Energy transforms the "burden" of scrap tires into a game-changing opportunity. 

As a renewable energy facility developer and operator, FWD:Energy is a cradle-to-grave provider of complete, operating waste-to-energy installations that include:

  • technology for converting the waste stream into energy and other valuable industrial products
  • project financing
  • construction
  • plant commissioning
  • ongoing operation and management of the facilities 

To bring to fruition these facilities, FWD:Energy works in collaboration with private sector and incentive financing focused on infrastructure, sustainability projects and renewable energy.

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