Our Commitment

An Opportunity

Today, communities and the pressures they face are evolving more rapidly than ever. But so are opportunities - especially in creating new jobs from renewable energy and green manufacturing facilities.

For all the stresses on communities' infrastructure in this day and age, there are emerging innovations and solutions that represent viable, sustainable paths forward. 

Innovation is at Our Core

As a champion of new sources of renewable energy, FWD:Energy is committed to converting millions of scrap tires annually in North America and globally into desirable products including renewable energy and oil for community benefit. Additionally, FWD:Energy's facilities bring further value to communities by creating employment, improving the environment and removing myriad issues caused by scrap tire disposal.

For-Profit Responsibility

We believe that proper stewardship of our communities' resources is paramount. But in order to have true sustainability, economic viability must be paired with environmental viability. FWD:Energy is committed to partnering with communities that share this imperative. 

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