About Us

FWD:Energy is committed to developing and operating economically viable renewable energy facilities to help your community utilize its waste streams in the most sustainable and productive manner. 

FWD:Energy contracts with leading technologists, engineering and construction providers, and domain experts to achieve its goals.

FWD:Energy is led by a team of people who are driven and inspired by advanced technologies that enable us to overcome the urgent waste and energy challenges facing communities and industry in the U.S. and around the globe. Our team has decades of combined experience in technology commercialization, finance, development, project management, infrastructure development, waste management and community relations.

Key Team Members

Richard Sloan, CEO & Board Member 

Richard is the founder of FWD:Energy and sets the company's vision, leads strategy implementation, and spearheads business development opportunities. Richard is based in Las Vegas and has been involved in building businesses and technology commercialization throughout his career. While still in college, Richard and his brother successfully commercialized inventions that generated seven-figure royalties. From there, Richard co-led a business that helped other inventors commercialize their own inventions through licensing. In the mid-'90s, Richard co-founded Sloan Ventures to build fast-growth businesses based on innovative technologies and commercializing university research. Richard then co-founded the Sloan Investment Fund, a seed-stage venture fund which yielded attractive liquidity events in the software, hardware and biotech arenas totaling over $135 million. As co-founder and figurehead of the ongoing website StartupNation (www.startupnation.com), a leading online business advice and networking website for entrepreneurs launched in 2003, Richard is recognized as one of America's most passionate evangelists for small business. In that capacity he is a frequent contributor and expert source to major media outlets including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Costco Connection, Fox Business Channel, ABC News, CNN, NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC. Richard co-authored the acclaimed Doubleday "how-to" book, StartupNation: Open for Business. As reflected in the mission of FWD:Energy, Richard's for-profit endeavors are increasingly focused on positive social and environmental benefit. 

Paul Miltenberger, Startup CFO

Paul is the CFO for FWD:Energy through its early stages, assisting the company with its finance, accounting, and operating infrastructure objectives. Related to these activities, Paul also contributes to financing activities for FWD:Energy and its planned portfolio of plants. Based in Marin County, California, Paul has broad-based functional and operational experience with both large publicly traded technology companies and with two successful start-up companies for which he helped raise over $30 million and generate over $150 million in liquidity for investors. Paul was co-founder of WagerWorks and led the creation of the company, including crafting the initial business plan, securing seed capital, establishing strategic partnerships, building the company, organization and operating infrastructure, leading all financing efforts, preparing the company for an IPO and road show, and ultimately selling the company to IGT for $90 million. At WagerWorks, his positions included Chief Financial Officer and then Chief Executive Officer. After the company merged with IGT, Paul served as the Vice President for Strategy and Business Development for its Interactive Division, and Managing Director in the UK. Paul was also an executive at Silicon Gaming, a developer of innovative gaming devices and which was also successfully sold to IGT. At Silicon Gaming, he held the positions of Vice President of Business Development, Vice President of Sales, and Director of Sales Operations. Most recently, Paul has organized $5 million in renewable energy financing for a precursor to FWD:Energy. Paul has a BA in Finance and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Stewart M. Stewart, Chief Commercial Officer

Stewart manages business development activities for FWD:Energy, including commercial arrangements for the sale of carbon black, synthetic crude, renewable power, renewable energy credits, and steel. He also develops strategic partnerships with value chain partners who are in unique position to provide FWD:Energy with feedstock as well as make valuable use of FWD:Energy products. In his capacity, Stewart leverages an extensive background at the intersection of business and the environment. Before joining FWD:Energy, Stewart advised Fortune 500 companies as both a sustainability consultant and management consultant. Stewart led projects for Esty Environmental Partners, developing sustainability strategies in the utility, entertainment and media sectors. As a management consultant, he worked with Booz Allen & Hamilton and also ran his own practice, focusing on developing revenue enhancement and new businesses for energy, chemical and consumer product companies. Stewart has spoken at national conferences and presented papers on energy management and carbon-related transportation policy. He formerly managed the Environmental Protection Agency's RCRA, Superfund, EPCRA and UST Hotline, a regulatory call center on hazardous waste and toxic emissions. Stewart holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a Master's of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry; he earned his undergraduate degree in Politics from Princeton University.


FWD:Energy benefits from an extraordinary advisory board with experience in the energy, waste, recycling, infrastructure development, environmental, financial and public policy fields.

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